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We carry a wide variety of inoculants by various companies. Check out some of the manufacturers and products below and feel free to ask about the right product for your needs.




Guard-N® is an inoculant that helps improve nitrogen uptake in over 60 common legume garden crops, including beans, peas, lima beans and soybeans.

Seed Treatments & Inoculants



N-Charge® is a premium peat inoculant specially formulated to increase seed adhesion for peas, lentils, dry edible beans, chickpeas and garbanzo beans.

Seed Treatments & Inoculants



N-Dure™ is one of the most economical planter box inoculants on the market, improving nitrogen fixation in alfalfa, soybeans and other legumes.

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N-Take™ is a premium liquid inoculant for legumes that improves their nitrogen uptake, enhancing their root mass, growth and yield potential.

In-Furrow Seed Treatments & Inoculants



Pre-Vail™ is a clay-based pre-inoculant designed to improve early seedling vigor through increased root development and nodulation.

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Preside CL®


Preside CL® Soybean Inoculant brings more nitrogen into the plant through additional nodules and increased nutrient use efficiency.

Seed Treatments & Inoculants



Excalibre SA

Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans combines all the benefits of Excalibre™ for Soybeans plus the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ technology. Applied commercially by your seed company or seed dealer with up to a 240 day planting window. Excalibre-SA™ for Soybeans provides:

• Increased plant stand
• Seedling vigor
• Nutrient and water efficiency



Graph-Ex® for Soybeans is a unique soybean inoculant with a proprietary blend of three strains of yield-enhancing Rhizobia bacteria with an innovative talc-graphite carrier for increased seed flowability with high adhesion and low use rates.

• Fast and convenient application
• Proven yield benefits • Patented
• Grower applied


SavrEx Root Inoculant

SabrEx® for Soybeans is the newest offering in the SabrEx family of products from ABM. It’s a biological seed treatment that is easy to use and delivers increased profitability to growers. It enhances nutrient efficiency that supports root and plant growth.

• Create more robust root systems
• Increase water and nutrient efficiency
• Increase yields
• Induce resistance to plant stresses like dry weather


Marauder Inoculant

Marauder® for Soybeans is an all liquid soybean inoculant system designed for use in commercial seed treatment systems.

• Aggressive nodulation by the Bradyrhizobia
• Ultra low application rate with improved treatability
• Up to 120 day planting window after application to seed
• Priced less than comparable products
• 2 bushel advantage over the competition



MegaPack™ for Soybeans is a low volume liquid formulation that drastically reduces seed bridging and sticking. It contains three times the Rhizobia and goes on at about a third of the application rate. It can be used with Plus 30 Extender for longer planting windows.

• Packaged in 2.5 gallon jugs
• Dealer Applied

America's Best Inoculant®

America's Best Inoculant®

America's Best Inoculant® for Soybeans is a triple stack Rhizobia strain package for top yield responses for only pennies per acre. Available in Sterile Liquid 10 liter, Sterile Liquid 3.1 liter and Sterile Peat. Use with Plus 30 Extender to extend the planting window up to 30 days.

• Backed by research & scientifically proven test plot results


ExceedSAR Custom Liquid for Soybeans

Exceed Soybeans

Item 1001

Treats 12,250# of seed or 250 units (2 pkg/cs)

Item 1002

Treats 2,500# of seed or 50 units (4 pkg/cs)

ExceedSAR Custom Liquid for Peanuts

Exceed Peas

Item 2008

4x10 acre, In-Furrow (4 pkg/cs)

Exceed Traditional Liquid for Peas, Vetch & Lentils

Exceed for Peas

Item 3007

Treats 10,000# or 200 units (1 pkg/cs)

Item 3001

Treats 2,500# of seed or 50 units (4 pkg/cs)

Exceed Peat for Alfalfa/ True Clover Combination

Exceed Peat for Alfalfa

Item 6001

Treats 50# of seed or 1 units (60 pkg/cs)

Exceed Peat for Lupine

Exceed PEAT

Item 13001

Treats 100# of seed or 2 units (54 pkg/cs)

Exceed HSD Plant Protection Booster

Exceed HSD

Item 26001

Treats 12,800 - 128,000# of seed
with on-seed treatment or
320 - 640 acres in-furrow
(4 bottles/cs)

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