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USC, LLC Seed Equipment

 Edgewell Ag Products pride ourselves on offering our customers the full equipment package. We are there from the initial design phase to install and training on the equipment to ensure our customers have all the tools needed to run their Seed Treating Equipment with confidence.

Edgewell Ag is also your one stop shop for all your servicing needs. Whether it be new pump hoses and replacement parts or pre-season and post-season preventative maintenance programs to make sure your Seed Treating Equipment is running at tip top shape.

Seed Treaters

USC, LLC offers a wide range of different treaters to suit every operators wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a simple manual box to box auger treater or the top of the line with full automation, USC has the right fit for you!

LPX & LPV Series Treater

LPX & LPV Series Treater

The LPX & LPV line of treaters from USC are the 2 models that come in a fully automated set-up. Both come standard with the easy slide-out atomizer chamber as well as having the options for stainless steel treating chamber only and combined with a stainless steel drum. Both models can also be ordered as a portable option on either a bumper hitch or gooseneck hitch trailer.

LPX Features 

  • Comes in a fully automated as well as manual setup 
  • • Seed Metering Wheel for accurate seed treating of any seed & seed size  
  • 6’ or 8’ rotary coating drum
  • Best Treater option to grow with your business 
  • Treater speeds range from 100 to 1800 lbs/min


LPV Features 

  • Option of 3 proven metering methods: Seed Metering Wheel, Loss-In-Weight & Weigh Belt 
  • 42” wide, 8’ long automated tilting drum (-5 to +2 degrees) for optimal seed coating 
  • Standard Capacity option has ability to treat up to 1800 lbs/min 
  • High Capacity option has ability to treat up to 3000 lbs/min

LPH Series Treater

LPH Series Treater

The LPH800 series treater, with its simple design, allows for easy calibration (both seed and treatment flows) and operation for the customer’s first introduction into running a drum treater. The LPH has the ability to treat up to 800 lbs/min. This model comes standard with a 30 Gal Stainless Steel mix tank and 5 Gal Poly tank (both ran from their own peristaltic pumps) for the ability to treat and inoculate your seed with no added cost to the machine. This model has a 6’ rotary coating drum option only & an easy slide-out atomizer. The LPH comes standard with fully manual seed and flow metering abilities with the option of adding a Seed Metering Wheel as well as a Flow Meter. There are both inlet and outlet conveyor controls that can handle up to a 5hp motor.

AT500 Series Treater

AT500 Series Treater

The AT500 series treater is the perfect fit for the first time seed treater operator looking for simplicity and a small building foot print. This small auger treater gives you the ability to treat from one box to the next without the need for added conveyors. This model comes standard with a manual adjustable seed flow gate with the option for Loss-In-Weight to make calibrating that much simpilar. The AT500 has the easy slide-out atomizer chamber but, instead of a drum to fully coat the seed, it uses a 12’ poly cupped flighting auger. This model also has the option for a very simple, manual dual (10 gal) poly tank pump stand which includes 2 peristaltic pumps, controller and mounts directly onto the machine. For the operators looking to be a little more precise with their seed treatment application, you can add dual volumetric flow meters.

U-Batch Series Treater

U-Batch Series Treater

The U-Batch is one of the most versatile batch treaters on the market today. Capable of treating most types of seed from grass to soybeans, the U-Batch is the perfect solution for primary treatmensts, over-treatment, powder applications or cover crop blending. With a capacity ranging from 100lbs to 2500lbs, the U-Batchoffers accuracy and versatility. This model offers 2 options depending on the building space available. There is the stationary option which requires a conveyor to feed the treater but, with enough space to treat directly into a box without the need for an outlet conveyor. The other option has hydraulic legs which allows you to dump a box into the hopper and (using the controls from the automation) raise the treater with the hydraulic legs to set your box underneath to treat into. The U-Batch treater can treat an entire pro-box in just 3-6 minutes. The U-Batch uses a large but gentle auger screw in the hopper to fully coat the seed in place of a drum.

Seed Treater Accessories


Seed Conveyors

USC offers a wide variety of different conveyors to suit every applications need. From their Tube Series (TS) and Seed Series (SS) Conveyors for any treating setup to Underbin, Bin Fill and Truck Unload Conveyors for all your bulk site needs. They also offer a Field Loader conveyor which combines the low profile inlet hopper of the Truck Unload with the versatility and gentle handling capabilities of the Tube Series conveyor.


Seed Pumpstands

 USC has an almost infinite amount of pump stand configurations whether you are looking for a stainless steel/poly mix tank for mixing treatment slurries or a direct inject option to draw straight from the keg or tote with little to no contact with the treatment. They also have manual, semi-auto and fully automated controls to fit every operators wants and needs.

Dry Additive Feeder

Dry Additive Feeder

The Dry Additive Feeder (DAF) can be used to apply a variety of different talc, micro nutruients, dry inoculants or other dry products at an accurate rate. The DAF has its own set of semi-automated controls that can be configured and then integrated into any drum treater setup. Whether you are running a manual or fully automated treater, The DAF is the perfect fit for any dry application.


Seed Hoppers

USC has any type of hopper to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a hopper to dump boxes through for treating or tall hoppers either for weighing seed before it goes through your treater or for catching the treated seed to be packaged into pro-boxes or mini bulk bags. These hoppers have a few options from manual and air gates to vibrators and diverter valves to fit in every operators setups.

Seed Metering Wheel

Seed Metering Wheel

The Seed Metering Wheel is a great addition to any LP, LPH or LPX manual treater to easily and accurately calibrate a variety of different seed types and sizes. The semi-automated control panel allows you to save calibrations and treating speeds to minimize the down time of having to time a run multiple times to get desired seed flow rate.

Flow Meter

Flow Meter

You can add a Flow Meter to any usc treating system to allow you to more easily calibrate you seed treatment flow rate. USC offers 2 different flow meters, the Volumetric flow meter and Mass flow meter. The Mass meter is 99% accurate out of the box (still requires some calibration) where as the Volumetric meter is urther off so it must be calibrated.

Bulk Seed Systems

 A Bulk Seed System is the perfect way to take your business to the next level and USC offers the most high tech programming software in a simple easy to use package that an operator of any skill level will understand and love. They seek out the best in the business from their welders and assemblers, all the way up to their electrical and mechanical engineers. Edgewell Ag, as a full service dealer partner with USC, is there with you from start to finish and beyond.

Custom CAD By USC Engineers - A site sketch and requirements for are submitted to USC’s full-time Engineering Department to begin the process of building a custom CAD drawing. Upon completion, USC representatives review completed drawings, price quotes and quote clarification sheets with each customer. Questions, concerns and site layout changes are addressed to ensure exact requirements are met. once approved, a final CAD design is produced with electrical schematics and bin site programming. On average, customers receive equipment 6-8 weeks after final design is approved.

Bulk System Installation - Once the USC equipment has been shipped, and the complete order has successfully arrived at the specified location, an Edgewell team returns to the site to Install the bulk system correctly, according the the signed final CAD drawing layout. After the installation is complete, the customer must contact a certified electrician to bring power to all panels and run power to each motor according to the on site electrical schematic.

Bulk System Start-Up & Training - After the electrician has finished bringing power to all the required locations, an Edgewell Equipment Expert arrives to conduct official start-up of the USC equipment. Customers are responsible for arranging a qualified scale technician to certify the scales and make the system legal for trade in the jurisdiction. Once start-up is completed, a training session is provided to the location before treating for the first time. Edgewell properly trains each customer on USC’s easy to use automation, specific details about the equipment and features.

Bulk System Installation

Bulk Seed System Installation

Bulk System Start-Up & Training

Bulk System Start-Up & Trainin

Tri-Flo Continuous Flow Scale System


The Tri-Flo is the most innovative, compact bulk-weighing system in the industry. The Tri-Flo Technology boasts a true continuous flow scale hopper system and is dominating the market. The 3-Hopper design processes and weighs 1800 lbs/min of soybeans with one control and it can be configured as an above treater or floor mount setup. Regardless of your decision, the Tri-Flo boasts the lowest height requirement in the industry at as little as 15’ 9” stacked over a treater.

Batch Weigh Hopper Scale System

Batch Weigh Hopper Scale System

The Batch Weigh Hopper’s simple elegant design is the perfect fit for any USC Bulk Seed System. This hopper comes in a variety of different capacity sizes ranging from 100 units up to 300 units to best fit the operators wants and needs. The Batch Weigh Hopper works as a stacked and floor mounted setup and can even be added to a simple box to box treater setup for more precise weights while treating. This hopper comes standard with 4 slide-out arms to easily hang weights from during scale certification.

Version 4 U-Treat Automation

Version 4 U-Treat Automation

USC’s U-Treat automation is the industry leader for fully automated treating systems with all the bells and wistles but, easy to use by virtually all operators of any skill level. USC’s standard program can control any automated treater released by USC as well as converted LP manual treaters and even competitor treaters. This automation has the ability to control up to 20 bins and 16 conveyors without any engineering software updates saving you money and down time when looking to expand your system down the road. 

Full Servicing Dealer

Edgewell Ag Products, as a full servicing dealer for USC, is dedicated to providing its customers with high quality service on all your USC seed treating equipment. With Equipment experts spread throughout the midwest from Kansas to North Dakota, we can guarantee a speedy turn around on any down time you may experience due to your USC equipment. Each technician carries a variety of common parts for any treater USC has offered over its almost 30 years of business. Edgewell Ag can also help minimize any down time you may experience during the treating season by offering you either a pre or post season Preventitive Maintenance. This PM can help find those bugs in the automation or worn out parts, that could cause you a ton of headache during treating season, by giving your setup a good look over. Edgewell can also provide your operators a re-training on the equipment. Whether they are new to treating for your location or are just making sure that they are running the equipment the way it was designed to run.

Service Installation

Service Installation

Full Servicing Dealer

Full Servicing Dealer

Equipment Preventitive Maintenance (PM), Start-up, Training

Equipment PM

Equipment PM’s are a great way to make sure youre treaing setup is in tip top shape and ready for the next treating season. These are performed by one of Edgewell Ag’s Equipment Experts and can either be done before or after treating season. PM’s can be done on any USC Treating system from the simplest box to box set up, all the way up to the most complex bulk site. 

Box to Box Setup PM

Edgewell Ag Products


  • Treater - drum chain, grease drive bearings, check prox sensors, incoming voltage, out going voltage (AC & DC), motor, program version   
  • Pump stands- hoses, air valve, 3-way valves, pump motor efficiency, scales, flow meters, fittings, panel voltage    
  • 2 Conveyors- drive chain, wear/tear on belt & splice, grease bearings, track belt, motor   
  • Dry Additive Feeder- drive chain, auger, lid sensor, motor, program version 

Price: $500.00

Service Work


• Charge for one way trip per hour  

Price $50.00


• Charge for service work per hour  

Price: $125.00


• Charge for panel work, start-up & training on existing bulk site

Price: $1,000.00 

Bulk System PM

Edgewell Ag Products


  • •Bin Site Panel- incoming voltage, out going voltage (AC & DC), program version   
  • 3 Conveyors- drive chain, wear/tear on belt & splice, grease bearings, track belt, motor
  • Weigh system- sensors, load cells, motors (Tri-Flo), summing box, panel (Tri-Flo)
  • Bins- gates, air gates, air lines, PVC tubes   


Price: $500.00

Equipment Start-up & Training


• Charge for Start-up & Training on new Treater setup 

Price $1,000.00

Labor-Bin Site

• Charge for Start-up & Training on new Bulk Site setup  

Price: $1,500.00


• Charge for Training on USC Equipment

Price: $800.00 

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