Pea & Lentils Inoculants

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PRIMO GX2Developed especially for harsh planting conditions, PRIMOGX2 granular is a multi-dimensional inoculant designed to maximize yields on marginal soil types. Pelletized to flow through most insecticide or fertilizer applicators, PRIMOGX2 granular offers proven strains of rhizobium bacteria for nitrogen fixation and offers the unique growth promoter technology found in PRIMO liquid products. PRIMOGX2 should be the first choice for producers who are planting peas or lentils on virgin ground, high pH soils, land re-entering production after CRP, or crops grown in areas with marginal rainfall. Available in two package types- the “original” 520 lb tote bag or the traditional 40 pound paper bag, PRIMOGX2 can meet the needs of any size producer offering decreased planter fill times in the spring when time is of the essence.


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