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Citrix - Limited Quantity Available

CitrixCITRIX is a ready to use, super concentrated water conditioning adjuvant labeled for use with most pesticides. This advancement in water treatment technology not only conditions spray water to achieve an ideal environment for pesticide chemistry, it also provides plant health benefits with the addition of liquid nitrogen and phosphorus. By combining a fully loaded spray adjuvant plus a foliar feed component, CITRIX is leading the way in adjuvant technology.

  • Advanced Water Treatment Technology
    Spray Droplet Retention – The technology behind CITRIX delivers more pesticide to the target plant, thus allowing for an increase in chemical penetration.
    Emulsifier Factor – With the use of special emulsifiers to unique emulsifiers, CITRIX actually spreads over the plant tissue to ensure absolute coverage of the applied pesticide.
    Anti-Foam and Anti-Drift – Having all the components of a multi- action adjuvant, CITRIX enables you to spray with confidence.
    Broad Spectrum Control – Designed to be used with all pesticide chemistries.
  • Ultra-Low Application Rate –1 quart per 500 gallons of water. • Unique Packaging – The new CITRIX "bomb" comes 12 to a case
    – one case treats 6000 gallons of spray water.
  • Plant Health Benefits – CITRIX contains both liquid Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus ( P205 ) for an early season application of foliar nutrients.

The Technology of CITRIX
CITRIX is a multi action water conditioning adjuvant combined with plant health nutrients to maximize efficiency within any spray program. The active chemistry in CITRIX is lauryl alcohol, in combination with liquid Nitrogen and Phosphorus which assists in rapid uptake of pesticides through the plant tissue. In addition to the obvious benefits of CITRIX, it also has the lowest application rate on the market at just 1 quart per 500 gallons of water.

Spray Droplet Retention
The ability to retain the pesticide on the leaf tissue is essential for any chemistry to be effective. By increasing the surface tension of the water/pesticide molecule, CITRIX improves the spray pattern and ensures the pesticide is placed precisely onto the leaf surface and remains there.

The Emulsifier Advantage
Not all weeds are created equal…leaf sizes vary greatly among varieties and species of plants. After the spray rig has left the field, it is important that the entire leaf surface be coated with the intended pesticide. The unique emulsifier technology included in CITRIX enables the water to move across the entire surface of the leaf, making certain superior leaf contact is achieved.

Plant Tissue Penetration
Translocation of the pesticide to the root systems starts by proper absorption through the leaf tissue. The penetrating power of CITRIX to break down thick waxy leaf surfaces ensures excellent movement of the pesticide throughout the plant.

Anti-Drift and Anti-Foam Components
Ideal spraying conditions are rarer than they are the norm. CITRIX includes both an anti-drift and an anti-foaming agent to eliminate some of the frustrations caused byMother Nature. Dealing with excessive foam in the spray tank can be time consuming and costly, CITRIX quickly dissipates foam and allows for faster turnaround time between fills. Spraying next to pesticide sensitive crops during windy conditions can be devastating; the antidrift technology in CITRIX provides peace of mind and assurance to keep your operation moving and profitable.

Plant Health Benefits of CITRIX
Growing a higher yielding crop is always the goal of production agriculture. To face the challenges of meeting worldwide food demands, American producers must continue to increase yield and continue to do so more efficiently. Fertility plays a major role in maximizing yields and CITRIX provides two major essential macro-nutrients as a foliar feed option while you are controlling pests.

Liquid Nitrogen (N) is critical for plant growth, maturation, and the
development of protein content in grain crops, CITRIX provides a total of
5% by volume liquid Nitrogen within its formula.
Phosphorus (P205 ) one of the most costly plant nutrients, but ideal
for increased root development, nutrient transport and efficient
photosynthesis. It is also contained in CITRIX at a level of 16% by liquid
volume. The application of additional P205 also assists in nodulation for
soybean plants.

CITRIX versus the Competition
There are numerous water treatment products on the market today.
However, none offer such a complete package for water conditioning,
drift and foam control, plus the addition of a plant health nutrient source.
Below is a quick comparison of how CITRIX stacks up against the
leading water conditioning products currently available to producers.