Seed Treaters


NEW PRODUCT! The LPV offers three proven weighing options: Seed Metering Wheel, Loss in Weight & Weight Belt, a 42" tilting drum, 17" wider frame and 15-second drum cleanout.

Commercial Seed Treaters

USC’s Commercial treater line is completely customized for your specific facility.



The LPX300 Seed Treater is designed for smaller capacities, but provides everything the LPX2000 offers.



The LPX models combine the most innovative technology with the most popular seed treater on the market.

Portable Seed Treaters

The LPX2000 Portable Treater is a flexible, more mobile alternative to the LPX Treater.


The LPH800 model boasts a simple design, easy calibration and total accuracy at an affordable price.

Tabletop Lab Seed Treater

USC’s Tabletop Treater is the perfect solution for testing small amounts of seed.



The AT500H uses poly cupped flighting and USC's patented slide-out atomizer technology to apply treatment to seed.


Dry Additive Feeder

The dry additive feeder can be used to apply talc, micro nutrients, dry inoculants, or other additives at an accurate rate.





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