The LPX300 Seed Treater is designed for smaller capacities, but provides everything the LPX2000 offers. USC’s newest addition to the treater family is the LPX300. Looking almost identical to the LPX2000, the LPX300 has a slightly different design intended to process seeds under 300 lbs./min. Not only is this treater completely configurable like most USC products, it also features USC’s patented atomizer in a 13” atomizing chamber, compared to the LPX2000’s 16” size, and a seed metering wheel with smaller pockets for perfect distribution to the atomizer.


  • Processes 125 to 300 lbs./min.
  • Great for using after seed cleaner
  • Proportionately smaller pockets in Seed Metering Wheel (SMW)
  • USC’s patented atomizer accurately coats each seed
  • Real-time auto correcting of pump(s) and SMW on automated models
  • LPX300 has more standard features than competition:
  • Quick connect chemical port behind atomizer
  • 4 port quick connect chemical manifold with static
  • mixer mounted to side of treater
  • 13” easy slide out atomizer chamber
  • Telescoping forklift pockets
  • Variable speed drum and drum view window
  • Easy seed flow and chemical calibration
  • LPX controls up to 8 pump stands at once
  • Only available in automated models


No Ext. Ring

Adjustable Height: 79″ – 94″

Height w/Seed Wheel: 99″ – 114″

6" Ext. Ring

Adjustable Height: 85″ – 100″

Height w/Seed Wheel: 105″ – 120″

12″ Ext. Ring

Adjustable Height: 91 – 106″

Height w/Seed Wheel: 99″ – 114″

6′ Drum
Length: 121″ | Width: 46″

8′ Drum
Length: 145″ | Width: 36″

10′ Drum
Length: 169″ | Width: 46″


LPX w/6′ Drum: 2,000 lbs.

LPX w/8’ Drum: 2,300 lbs.

LPX w/10’ Drum: 2,800 lbs.

LPX w/6’ Drum w/ Seed Wheel: 2,500 lbs.

LPX w/8’ Drum w/ Seed Wheel: 2,800 lbs.

LPX w/10’ Drum w/ Seed Wheel: 3,300 lbs.


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