USC’s AT Series has been re-engineered, and the AT500H is the product of convenience, flexibility and innovation featuring USC’s patented slide-out atomizer with more customized ordering options.

The AT500H uses poly cupped flighting and USC’s patented slide-out atomizer technology to apply treatment to seed. This continuous flow seed treating system treats up to 500 bushels per hour and the newly re-designed H Series offers a variety of weighing options including a seed metering wheel and loss in weight.

AT500H Options:
AT500H Manual Treater for Box
AT500H Manual Treater for Hopper
AT500H Manual Treater with Seed Metering Wheel
AT500H Manual Treater with Box to Box Loss in Weight
AT500H Manual Treater with Hopper and Loss in Weight


  • Re-designed with slide-out atomizing chamber
  • 12’ auger
  • Four (4) 110 outlets
  • Treats up to 500 bushels of soybeans per hour
  • 2″ NPT port for dry additive input
  • Static mixer
  • 230V 1PH electrical panel includes all motor controls


Height: 116.5″
Width: 48″
Length: 159″
Discharge Height: 72.6″


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