Semi-Automated Mix Tanks


USC Pump Stands are the premier pump stand in the industry. Designed to be a simple addition to any seed treatment operation. USC engineers design the entire line of pump stands with the customer in mind ensuring chemical accuracy is achieved. USC understands how critical it is to make sure treatment isn’t wasted. Chemical flow meters, calibration tubes and full integration are a few reasons why USC pump stands consistently, and accurately, perform. Whether its soybeans, cotton or lentils, USC’s large variety of tank and pump sizes guarantee chemical won’t be wasted.

  • Controls one pump; each flow meter has four calibration settings
  • Only manual pump stand with true automated chemical flow control
  • 3.8” monochrome touch screen replaces all dials and switches
  • Standard or metric mode of operation
  • Quickly and accurately places the pump at desired chemical flow rate and maintains throughout run.
  • Eliminates need to constantly monitor
  • Reversing capabilities for easy cleanout
  • Name up to four different chemicals
  • Save four different calibration settings


  • Calibration tube creates closed system
  • Volumetric or mass flow meter
  • 1 to 3 pump heads
  • Automated flow control


  • 15 or 55 Gallon Poly Tanks
  • 30 or 60 Gallon Stainless Steel Tanks


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