FLXTOR - Seed Pods


Flxtor® is the Only Dealer to Grower Bulk Seed Delivery System designed to move treated seed without the use of bulk bags or pro boxes. USC’s Flxtor® line of products improves seed handling efficiencies after treating the seed by going directly into the Flxtor® system. Flxtor® Transformer, Seed Pods and Seed Pod Shuttle work together providing convenience for storing seed in weatherproof pods with the flexibility to move pods anytime, anywhere.



  • Up to 400-Unit Seed Pods available
  • 12-gauge steel construction at 102” wide and 144” long
  • Perfectly fits on the seed transformer
  • Pivoting legs are locked into standing position – no tools required
  • Offers the flexibility that stationary bins don’t offer
  • Completely sealed containment with security latch lids


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